The Final Stretch

School’s getting really intense right now.  Everything is starting to end and it’s rather terrifying for me.  It’s not that it’s really a negative experience, but it’s just one of those stressful periods that I’m going to walk away from with good grades and a lot of knowledge.  But it’s getting weird now because I’m not going to be in school for very much longer.  I just have one more quarter of college to go and then I’ll be graduated in December.

That seems so far away and yet so incredibly soon.

But I’ve found that it’s good not to focus on graduation just yet.  There’s a lot that still needs to be done for finals.  I just have to keep myself focused on that.

This quarter is going to end with an odd assortment of projects.  I have a podcast, a website, and a portfolio to put together for the week after next.  It won’t be terrible.  I can get everything done as long as I focus, but focusing is turning out to be more trouble than I thought.  There’s a lot of really good TV shows to binge on Netflix.

I’m almost done with Gilmore Girls.  It’s taken me a little over a month and most of my spare time to get through it all.  I regret none of that though.  It’s been fun to have something to occupy my brain while I clean, pack, work, and write.

And I’m sure I’ll find many more odd things to occupy my time with during ‘dead week,’ which is the week before finals.


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