My Social Media Is Being Held Hostage

Now, I want to start this off with the fact that I love being an editor.  I like taking the time to help people get to write the best things and get their message across.  I never have to agree with their words, but I like helping getting new voices out into the world.  It’s important to know all the different opinions that are out there.

But now my bosses are asking for all people that write articles (myself included in that list) to do a series of posts that make little sense.  They want us to be sharing on multiple social media platforms and seek out groups on Facebook to post to.

I have several problems with this.

The first problem I have is that my social media is mine.  I could care less about posting things to my Facebook.  That’s fine.  But they’re asking for other social media platforms.  My Tumblr is out because the content I put there isn’t the same as what I would allow my family to see.  I don’t want the connection back to my ‘professional’ life to be found on my personal blog.  I have a twitter account that I primarily use for when NaNoWriMo rolls around and people are doing word sprints.  There aren’t people following me there, so posting there would be a pointless, fruitless shout into the void.

And don’t get me on the Facebook group situation.  I’m not going to join groups just for the sake of sharing things.  That’s frankly kind of rude.  I don’t always write about things that I normally follow or have an audience for.

The point of the change in policy is supposed to be about making sure that our work is really getting out there and reaching people.  But let’s be honest, do I want to be a view/click whore that posts stuff just to get it seen?

The culture of the group that I work with is constant content creation without much thought of passion.  Sometimes you write an article, know that it sucks, but share it to your Facebook anyways.  I’m not going to force work that I’m not proud of on someone else’s feed.

There’s a couple ways to handle this situation.  I can suck it up and do what my boss wants; I can tell my boss why this is BS for someone like me that doesn’t use all forms of social media; I can change my attitude and start thinking of my writing as the best stuff possible; or I could even quit.

I’m not sure what path I will pick.  But I can say that it probably won’t just be one.  I’ll have to pick a couple to get myself over this annoyance.


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