Research: The Part of Publishing No One Told Me About

Now while I have written a number of blog posts about a number of things over the past few weeks, I’m discovering that a lot of my advice about publishing can start boiling to one very important point.


When you’re considering getting serious about the publishing world, then you really have to dig and start finding your roots in the communities and genres that you want to be in.

This could mean finding out what groups you belong to on Facebook that you haven’t visited in a while or discovering that there’s a whole group of people on your friends list that really ought to have a group about that one subject that you’re all really passionate about.

It could mean going to the bookstore and looking at the shelves and researching the kinds of books that exist in the same space as the one that you really want to read.

It could mean looking into who you’re going to start sending queries and proposals to once your book has officially been completed.

Research holds the key to the kind of success that people want to get.  In publishing, it isn’t as simple as stepping back from the work and allowing the publisher to deal with it.  You have to be willing to give that book 110% even after you’ve given it everything.

Knowing the market, the communities, and the people that you’ll be contacting to get that baby out there is very valuable to a writer, but also to the publisher.  If you come to them with the knowledge that you could really have a good book to put out into the world and that there is a demand for what you’re trying to do, then there is every possibility that they will work with you to get that thing out there.

Writing is a passion, but if you want to bring that passion to other people, then you have to keep that passion rolling long after you feel as if you have finished.  For those of you that really want to get that story out there, get to know your market.  It will be one of the smartest moves that you make as a writer.


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