The Importance of Community

One of the most valuable experiences of college was the experience of working together in groups.  For most of my life, I have viewed writing and editing as a solitary sport.  You work by yourself, you edit by yourself, and you remain by yourself throughout most of this process.

But in college, creative writing classes are formed into workshops.  You create by yourself, receive feedback and then move onto working through all of the feedback that you were given.  Maybe you’ll find people that want to really help you through the whole process as a kind of friendly editor.

Hold onto those people.  Make Facebook groups.  Get their phone numbers and put them in your phone.  Keep those people that have made an impact on your writing.  Pay special attention to those who seem to understand what it is that you’re trying to do.

The thing about writing and having other people involved is that it often feels intimidating.  You’re sharing the most vulnerable parts of yourself in written forms at times and that’s not always the best thing.

But having friends that you trust can help you get over that and maybe even help you work up the courage to share your work with the world.


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