The Importance of Research

When  it comes to the realm of publishing, you have to know what’s going on outside of yourself.  This fact came contrary to everything that I knew about writing.  When I was writing, I found myself focusing only on my story and not thinking too hard about the market that my story would be found in.

While I haven’t gone out and found any of my stories a home, I have come to realize that knowing your stuff can help in nearly every part of publishing.

In order to publish a book, you need to know the kind of market that you’re putting your book out into.  If you’re planning a paranormal romance for the young adult section, then you’re going to have to find something that really makes your story more compelling than the ones that are already in existence.  If you don’t find something, then maybe that project of yours could wait a little while.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t write that YA paranormal romance story.  Write whatever it is that your heart desires, but just remember that if you want to earn money from the publishing, then you’ve got to know just what kind of market you’re getting into.

By going through your ideas for books and finding the ones that have the least amount of competition on the market, you’ll realize where you have a fighting chance of making some money on the market.  Of course, if your aim isn’t money, then feel free to publish all the books that you want on any kind of subjects that you want.  Just know that the market might influence the kinds of books that publishers or agents will decide to work with as well.

Another area of publishing that gets affected by knowing the trends is the Literary Magazine market.  While this area of publishing usually comes with the least amount of money made, it’s a very large market for people to work.  Every magazine does their submission differently and everyone will have their own preferences.  Reading the issues of magazines (if you can get your hands on them) can help you figure out if the magazine is even going to consider your story or poem or whatever it is you call your piece.

Knowing the world that you live in will allow you to find your opportunities more easily.  You’ll still have to claw your way into the places that hard to get to, but you’ll find your way their a little more easily if you have a basic map of where you need to go.



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