Freelance Editing

So, I’m in college.  I’m working on starting to think about careers and where I want to go after I graduate and all that fun stuff.  And I graduate in December of this year.  That’s somehow incredibly far away and incredibly close.  I’ve been dreading the change to professional work for most of the year.

And it’s only gotten more exciting as I’ve considered my options.

When I began college, I knew that I wanted to work in the publishing world and at first, I thought that that place was going to be book editing.  But now that I’m getting better looks into the world that I’m dealing with, I’m starting to rethink everything that I’m doing.

And by rethinking, I mean that I’m considering, seriously, freelance work.

Freelance offers many more options than just working for a single company.  It adds a lot more flexibility and a lot more uncertainty.  But I think that that might be the best fit for me.  While I know that my parents and family would love to see me in a steady job, I don’t think I could survive a steady flow of editing work.  I want to be able to dictate how much work is on my plate and the kinds of jobs that I actually do.

I’m willing to take the risks that come along with such a freedom inspiring job situation.

Today, in a class, we were told about a few resources that we can use for working on editing in the freelance sphere.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start looking into them and see if I can find out what’s going to really help me and what’s going to hurt me as I go forward.  Those articles will follow in the next couple of weeks as I get around to trying the websites.  Now, to anyone else that’s interested in this kind of work, these websites are going to be for entering the field, and at some point, you and I will both probably leave them.  But that’s a challenge to be overcome once we get there.

Everyone needs editors, so we should get ready to put ourselves out there.


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