A Comic Book about…Podcasting?

Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio by Jessica Abel is actually a textbook that I’m using for a class that I’m in right now.  The book is interviews and descriptions of podcasting, using a very visual angle to convey its meaning.

Abel writes of the process from idea to full fledged finished edit that many podcasting groups go through.  She gets interviews with people such as Ira Glass who has a structured style and talks to other people such as Jay Allison who advocates not editing the interviews and recordings at all.

There are writers that plot out everything and abandon those outlines by the time they get to the end.  There are others who wander around, collecting all the interviews and sounds that they can and discover their story through the process of going through it all.

The main point of this book is to provide a look into what some people do.  Everyone does their own thing, and in many ways all sorts of different approaches overlap.

The most interesting part of reading this book was trying to figure out how to apply the things that everyone else is talking about to the things that I’m doing in my own podcast.  Mine is different than some of the podcasts in the book and very different from the kinds of podcasts that my classmates are using.  If you’re thinking about getting into podcasting or doing something similar, then I would definitely suggest that you look at this book as maybe a good place to get started.


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