Self Publishing E-books

Self publishing has only grown easier since the dawn of e-readers.  Without the cost of printing out copies of books, writers are better able to get their work out to the public.  The lower cost especially helps when it comes to younger writers that are trying to get their work out into the world.  The main problem with this is that there aren’t many people in the way to make sure that the books coming out are the best possible books.

So should you self publish through Amazon or with other companies that will allow you to have E-books?

Well that depends on what you want from your publishing experience.  Last week, I talked a lot about the different kinds of things that wind up being a discussion when it comes to publishing.  If you’re wanting to get the book out there and hope that people discover it, then go for it.

But there’s a lot of E-books that are out in this boat that really aren’t all that interesting.  They exist out there and a writer took time and energy to complete their story, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the most interesting book.

Now, many people my age ( late teens and 20’s) aren’t into the whole E-book scene.  We like to have more tangible items in our lives.  We want to hold onto our books while we read in bed late at night.  And that’s fine.  But we look online for our books and buy them from online stores so that we can get them delivered to us.

And when you look online, you sometimes get caught into situations where the books you’re able to see are being promoted by Amazon or shown because they are digital.  This happens quite a lot with Fantasy and Science Fiction books.  It’s great that people are writing those books, but now it’s hard to find the better ones amongst the business that is the market.

But self-publishing allows books to get out there, so the digital market isn’t to be ignored.


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