I’ll Call You Back…Next Week

So for Grab-Bag posts, I was planning on just talking about myself and the things that I’ve been experiencing lately.  And man, I’ve got to tell you that the worst possible thing has just happened to me.  Normally I’m really chill about things breaking.  Mug breaks? Oh well.  Backpack falls apart?  That sucks, but I can make do.

When it comes to my electronics though, I’m a completely different beast.  Right now, my electronics are the only way that I can keep in contact with my boyfriend who is off in the middle of the ocean, and my family that live several states away in Colorado.

And guess what decided to break today?

My phone.

My crappy LG G4.  My second crappy LG G4.

This phone is known to have a ton of issues, but when I was looking at phones, none of this issues had come up yet.  LG has now acknowledged the issues and hopes to get them resolved soon, but for now there’s nothing to do but get a brand new phone.

And you may think that’s awesome.  I’ll just get a new phone every six months.  This is why SD cards are a life savior, right?  I can just keep all my pictures and stuff because I moved them onto the SD card.

I mean, that’s mostly right, but it’s a pain to have your phone break down and have to go get a new one every six months.  Both phones encountered similar issues and I’m afraid to say that I’m just going to wind up repeating this when I go to Colorado for the summer.  It’s not the biggest issue, right?  The insurance covers the new phone, right?

Again, both right.  I shouldn’t be making mountains out of molehills when it comes to this.  It shouldn’t be the biggest issue especially because I have two functional (more or less) computers at my disposal for most hours of the day.

But a phone is part of that system that keeps me functioning.  What am I supposed to do on the bus on the way to campus?  Read an actual book for fifteen minutes instead of spacing out to the endless tunes that I have on Spotify?  Pfft.  Why would I ever actually read?  It’s not like I want to be a writer or anything.  Haha.  Not at all. </sarcasm>

I know that this is a silly thing to complain about, but it’s manifested in real stress and anxiety that has worn me out and made it hard to focus on school and personal projects.

But by Monday or Tuesday, things should be resolved for at least six months.



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