Enter Title Here – A Beginning

I’m not sure how else to start a blog other than to say a quick hello.  There’s not a lot to say about me.  I’m a student, a writer, an editor, a lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi, a chocolate consumer, and a little unsure about how I feel about short shorts on my own body.

I hope to make this blog into something appealing for people in all parts of book loving: book writers, book readers, book editors, book buyers, and maybe book sellers.  But I also plan on reaching out into poetry, short stories, literary magazines, and all sorts of other topics on this blog.

Why I Can Write About Writing

Writing about writing is usually something that we want to keep in the hands of those who do it and do it well.  Many teachers of mine have told me to read On Writing: A Memoir of Craft by Stephen King throughout my life.  Stephen King has written so much that of course we consider him an expert on the subject.

But this applies to other books.  This quarter (yes, my university works on a quarter schedule instead of semester) I am reading The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry.  This book is written by two people that are considered experts of publishing through their own trials and tribulations.

I consider both of these books to be incredibly important resources for myself.  But I also rely heavily on the writing of people that I don’t know or don’t think of as just writers or published writers.  These come in the form of blogs, FaceBook posts, articles from around the internet that started somewhere in the void, and from the advice and words of writers that I encounter every single day at school.

So I’m adding my voice to the mix, so that hopefully I may help someone in the way that so many other blogs and people have helped me.


One thought on “Enter Title Here – A Beginning

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